Maybe you are considering books concerning your hypothetical culture from Mu otherwise Lemuria, because of the Col

Maybe you are considering books concerning your hypothetical culture from Mu otherwise Lemuria, because of the Col

Actually, I think that code from Sumerian is actually earlier and a lot more conventional compared to the code regarding Hungarian or Turkish

James Churchward. We understand people books too when i try a kid. Without a doubt, there’s absolutely no input real human history to have particularly good society. Really the only latest finding that will perhaps contain the disappearance out-of eg a civilization may be the discovery of your caldera volcano off Toba hence exploded to 70,100000 B.C.

>Thank-you quite having reacting me. Well, the thing is my personal book >starts in the 1st area of the summerian society, I mean even before >Sargon We together with almost every other of these. > >I mention numerous facets throughout the religion. I know which they >failed to have confidence in a life just after demise, or inclusive that this « life » was >very dark whenever dry. I would like to understand title of your ancient gods, and you can mytranssexualdate profile search >certain issue about their believings in the manner was suppose becoming the life >immediately after demise. > >And additionally whether it possible knowing a few things about the first very important urban centers from inside the >summerian culture, how were imagine to get the fresh property, the fresh palaces, the brand new >Eating, otherwise People residential factor, Im Super pleassed.

I’m sorry. I am used to responding even more particular inquiries than simply that it. I can not get the job done off training your.

I suggest which you buy and study good 1998 book, Amongst the Streams, of the Harry Turtledove. Which creator currently performed the back ground browse that you determine and it fulfills their publication.

> Hi: You will find checked your own Proto-Sumerian Language Invention Processes >web-website once more observe what issues manage were compound terms. The fresh >earliest word throughout the checklist was gaba ‘breast’ (ga ‘milk’ + ba ‘to give’). It is >maybe not my personal purpose so you’re able to argument the new phonetic form and its meaning since the >’milk’ is semantically about ladies’ nipple and you can ga + ba appears >becoming a convincing combination at first glance. Nevertheless is not therefore apparent if >that investigates brand new cuneiform signs of ga, ba and you will gaba. None ga or ba can also be >become identified throughout the cuneiform manifestation of gaba which seems to become another >personal indication in itself.

New verbal terms was in fact created long before new written signs. The inventors of written cues had learned this new verbal terminology due to the fact unbroken phonemic sequences which have been not reviewed into the section.

> In this case dairy would have absolutely nothing to >create into the appellation, it suggested an element of the body we phone call >’chest’. This will be confirmed by Hungarian kebel ‘chest’ and you can old >Turkish gogoz ‘chest’. For every single o regarding the Turkish term are marked with dieresis. >A possible popular origin for the fresh root gab, keb and you may gog is almost certainly not as well >hard to find. The Sumerian gab is obtainable throughout the Hungarian men >forenames Gabi and you can Gabor, and additionally regarding surname Kabos (dated means Kaba), and that >denote barrel-chested someone. Thus brand new -an effective on the Sumerian gaba can be >a suffix one to forms adjectives. (Each other -an effective and -os are adjectival suffixes in >the Hungarian code).

Are there regular voice-change regulations one link Hungarian ‘kebel’ that have Turkish ‘gogoz’? To your foot of the Hungarian terms, mention the underlying ‘kopa II’ meaning ‘lungs’ in Gyula Decsy’s publication New Uralic Protolanguage: An intensive Repair, Eurolingua, Bloomington, 1990.

The new suffix -a paperwork nouns or participial sentences in the Sumerian, so implementing their logic, new nipple or tits may be the material you to definitely gabs, whether or not Sumerian has no like verb, with hab, ‘to stink’, and gub, ‘to stand’.

Turkish is one of the Altaic words family unit members

This will imply that some Hungarian words may have changed of an early on type of Sumerian. Degree of your own prices off lexical alter have found your vocabulary regarding farming countries is particularly traditional and you may resistant against alter.

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